Integrate JDownloader with Flashgot

This is just a short post to to document how I got JDownloader to integrate with Flashgot. JDownloader doesn’t have an installer but a zip file that you just download and extract somewhere on your PC and start using it. Somehow, the Flashgot extension of Firefox is not able to detect it automatically and I didn’t know what parameters to use to add it manually to its list. Latest versions of JDownloader ask you whether you want to install Flashgot or not. I didn’t install it because I already had Flashgot. Turns out that this is the missing step. You should allow JDownloader to install Flashgot in your browser, even if it is already installed(If you have already run JDownloader once and didn’t say yes to installing flashgot, then you can do it by going to Settings->Plugins 7 Addons->Extensions->Flashgot for Firefox in JDownloader and clicking Install). And then, you will see that the JDownloader option is not grayed out anymore. If you see the version of Flashgot that JDownloader is installs is older than the official version, don’t fret. Now, you can re-update the flashgot addon (Tools->Addons->Find Updates in firefox) and the JDownloader integration will still stay intact. Hope that helps someone :)