Paradise For Overclockers, Gamers and PC Enthusiasts In India

This is just to let you know that a few of my friends have started Overclocked, a haven for PC enthusiasts in India. Overclocked is an online store for the people who like to stretch the performance of their machines to the maximum. They store a lot of high end computer stuff that isn’t easy to find in India and that too for a reasonable price. They also assemble mean gaming machines while giving you quite a bang for your buck with gauranteed satisfaction, shipped anywhere in India, and that’s not all, they can personalize it too with a variety of custom modifications (I really like their laser engravings).

Apart from the computer hardware, they also sell a lot of games (Primarily PC but consoles as well, and that too for a cool discount from the MRP, again shipped anywhere in India). They also have a forum where people can hang out and discuss how to eek out that last bit from their PCs.

Do check them out. I’m sure you will like the stuff they have on offer and if you have any comments/suggestions or queries, don’t hesitate to contact them via their contact page or the forums. I’m sure they will be glad to listen to you. I’d say that a word of kudos will be great as these guys are doing this along with their full time professions and such places are hard to find in India :)

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