Project: Shantz XWinWrap Update to 0.3

Here is another update for the fans of XWinWrap, the tiny program that allows you to run animated wallpapers on your system. You could use screensavers, movies and what not as your desktop background. This update fixes a segfault that many users were facing, a new debug option to print some debug mesages to get some info if it is not working for you and a new hack option for giving a “desktop window” name to the program. On many systems, the desktop is drawn by another program. e.g. in Ubuntu with Gnome environment, the desktop is managed by Nautilus, which creates a special window called “Desktop” and places it over your real desktop. This window name can be different in different systems. To find out what is yours, just run “xwininfo” in a terminal. Your cursor will become a “+” sign. Click anywhere on an empty area on your desktop, which will give you the window name of the transparent window, if any, that is covering your desktop. Pass this info to xwinwrap using the option “-d windowname” and it would help it to run better.

As usual, 32 bit as well as 64 bit binary files are available as downloads. For users of Debian and derived operating systems (like Ubuntu, Mepis, etc), deb packages are also included for both architectures for easy installation. Source code is also available, of course.

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