The Solution To Your Problem Is Out There .... Somewhere

I got hold of a new Asus WL-500W router for me (Pics & specs coming up soon). The router has open source firmware so people can develop applications for it. One such app (ADOS) is that allows you to configure the router to download stuff directly to a hard disk (connected to router through USB) without the need of keeping the PC switched on. One of the app users reported the following error (Click on the pic to enlarge) that he got while using the app.

Asus WL-500W ADOS error message

Let’s see what it says:

[Error] Description: An error occured while connecting to the remote server.

Probable Reasons: Probable reasons can be found in the error’s description. (Hmmm, lets wait & watch)

Probable Solutions: Probable soulutions (sic) can be found in the error’s description. (Yay!! Alright….hey, wait a sec, how am I supposed to find a solution from a description that says “An error occured”)

So, that’s it for now folks. Am off to the himalayas to get some training from the mahatmas in the exquisite art of psychic healing (and router apps bug fixing).

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