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Google Adsense : Conflict of Interests?

· by Shantanu Goel · Read in about 1 min · (192 Words)
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“Google Adsense” has been caught in a conflict of interests with its parent company “Google”. Google piad 140k to teh cause of “Say No to Prop 8” but on the other hand people reported that Google Adsense delivered a substantially huge amount of “Say Yes to Prop 8” advertisements all over the internet, even on sites which are completely out of context with this matter. Not only is this conflicting with the interests of the parent company but also with the “Terms of Use” put forward by Adsense that ads should not have any kind of intolerance or advocacy towards an individual or a group. Irate people took out their frustation on the adsense blog.

Now, I just caught another conflict between google and adsense on my own blog. Basically, Google is against TLAs (text-link-ads) since they mess up the search engine rankings and even penalizes any site that sells or buys them. But look what I found in one of the ads displayed in google.


Looks like somebody needs to arrange a meeting between the google and adsense honchos to sort out what exactly is their stance on anything and everything.