Project: ShantzTodayChanger Is Now Open Source’d

For those who don’t know ShantzTodayChanger is a small Windows Mobile tool that allows you to cycle through your wallpapers/themes or run applications after specified intervals of time automatically and provides you a lot of tweaking options to control this.

Sometime back I formatted my laptop which I dual booted between Windows XP and Linux (Ubuntu, if you may ask). Now I installed Hardy Heron back onto thenew system within an hour but just can’t get myself motivated to “finish” the Windows install by getting and installing all the drivers after having to sit through hours pointing, clicking and rebooting to get just the base installed. And moreover, there is no drive in me to boot into windows now just to work on ShantzTodayChanger any more. So, I thought that I’ll release the source code so that if someone is willing to continue the development. I’ll still be available for questions, discussions, explanations etc about it if needed.

You are free to copy, modify and redistribute it. Only things that I ask of you are that:

  1. You retain all credits for me and my website in the source code, final product, and other material (readme etc) intact.

  2. Also, please provide a linkback to the original home page of shantztodaychanger if you redistribute it through some other site, otherwise I’ll be happy to host your modified versions here.

  3. You also have to release the modified source code in its entirety.

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