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Kill Lotus Notes And Restart Without Rebooting

· by Shantanu Goel · Read in about 1 min · (152 Words)
KillNotes KillNotes.exe Lotus Notes nnotes.dll properly terminate lotus notes

A friend called me today and happened to mention his biggest gripe about Lotus Notes, that it hangs ever so often (ok that’s acceptable), but the clincher is that if you kill it through the task manager it will not allow you to restart and relogin until you reboot your PC. Now, that is a serious problem and a hit to productivity. But the omniscient angel I am, I had the solution ready (because till a couple of years ago, I was also haunted by this very issue every day). I told him about a small 20 kb application, simply but aptly named “KillNotes.exe”. When run, this utlitiy will properly terminate the process(es) that loaded nnotes.dll and turn you into a happy camper when you watch Lotus notes restart without giving you even an angry stare. I published this here in the hope that it helps someone else out there as well.