Android Devices Trickling In A Few Days Early?

There is still a day left for the first Android based Device, T-Mobile G1, to come out into the hands of general public but I was in a for a small surprise as I went through my Google Analytics report for the last week. It had a mysterious number of 2 sitting at the bottom of my “Unique Visitors by Operating Systems” filter report. The “mysterious” part coming from the fact that the left most column displayed “Android”.

Operating-Systems-Google Analytics-report-android-t-mobile-g1

Now, the question is whether the T-Mobile G1 (aka HTC dream) is already out into a few hands (leaked to lucky googlers/HTCers/T-Mobilers?) or somebody just modified the agent string reported to my web server? (Since this is a “unique visitors” report, the 2 people have to be different and hence second option doesn’t seem likely to me)

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