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Project: Shantz Pidgin Away Alerts (splert) Updated to 0.03

· by Shantanu Goel · Read in about 1 min · (151 Words)
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I updated my project splert to version 0.03 today.For those who don’t know splert is a tool that lets you convert the multi-client instant messenger pidgin (connects to gtalk, msn, yahoo, jabber, etc) into a full blown answering machine and much more.

The main changes are:

  1. Now you can use other 3rd party twitter bots with it to get updates through twitter since the official twitter bot is down since a long time and there are no chances of coming back soon.

  2. You can also use it even when you are not “away” by specifying the status when you want it to work. (e.g. any, available, unavailable, invisible, etc. Use splert -h to see all available status types). As an example, you can use this to selectively talk to people when you are busy.

(As usual, binary files as well as 32 bit and 64 bit ubuntu/debian deb packages are available)