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Windows Mobile: Missed Call Made Easy (Indian Cell Owners Rejoice)

· by Shantanu Goel · Read in about 1 min · (180 Words)
application cperdidas missed call Windows Mobile WM WM5 WM6

Perdida = Missed Call (in Spanish)

Missed Call = Ubiquitous Necessity (atleast in India)

Enter: cPerdidas -> A Windows Mobile program (works with WM5 as well as WM6) that will allow you to make missed calls to anyone you desire. Just config your country code, select the contact and “Hacer Perdida!” (Make the missed call) and your contact will get the missed call on his device. The only change is that the program will cut the call even before he can hear his phone ring. So, whenever he looks at his phone, he’ll know that you called. Hmmm, pretty useful for times when you just want to send your loved one a note that you missed them, without disturbing him/her in a meeting and, of course, without spending a penny, or waiting with your fingers clenched onto to End button tighter than a F1 driver’s fingers on the pit lane speed limiter.

Note: Though the original app is in spanish, it has support for adding other languages, so for English support (and easily installable cab format), look at this page.