Games: Wormux Reporting to Action, SIR!!!

“Alpha to Bravo, over. Come in, Bravo, over.. We are under attack, over.. Send reinforcements asap. over and out”.

Well, if you dream about conversing like this, then you are better off playing something like COD4 or BF2, but if you are into a little bit less intense military warfare, and are a fan of games like worms, tanks, etc (I’m a convicted Worms World Party addict on my HTC Wizard) then you are in for countless fun-filled, sleepless nights. With Wormux.

In the words of its developers:

Wormux is pre-eminently a “convivial mass murder” game where, turn by turn, each member of each team attempts to produce a maximum of damage to his opponents.

Wormux 1 Wormux 2 Wormux 3

But whats a murder strategy game without a big arsenal of close and long range weapons at your disposal. So, you get baseball bats, guns, bazookas, dynamite, grenades, mines, bouncing balls (and you can make your own, if you can code). Gameplay, sticking to the original theme, is turn based. You have to kill your opponent before he kills you. And the innovation to achieve that is limited only by the limits imposed by your mind. You can play locally against bots or on network to have some cartoony fun with your friends, or to watch your super tux draw first blood of your rivals.

Its available for a plethora of platforms including linux, windows, mac and FreeBSD, and the clincher, its F-R-E-E (as in speech as well as in lunch, beer, whatever). You still here? You should have rushed to the Wormux Downloads before I got to the first “E” of FREE.

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