Idea Factory: Some Of My Latest Musings

jeffro2pt0 has a little contest going on his blog, giving out coupons to which lets you get atleast 12 WordPress themes for just 5$. Only thing you have to do is give a unique idea that could help improve wordpress. Now, I don’t want anymore themes (actually I’m a cheap-skate who can’t spend even 5$ for a theme, unless one of you decides to get me one ), but I got a few ideas instantly.

I’m going on a week’s vacation with no net connection, hence this sprang to my mind. What if I can “call” my blog? If I can install a VOIP gateway kind of thing on my web server (or maybe use a third party one, like skype?) and give it access to my database. Now, I can just call my blog’s number from any phone in the world and the possibilities are now endless. e.g.:

  • I could moderate comments through a voice mail like system, the blog can read out the comments to me, using text-to-speech, and I can press buttons, or use IVR to moderate them.

  • I could even call in and “dictate” posts to my blog that can be published. Thus we will be saved from writing a lot of future posts before going on vacations (like I’m doing right now )

Can you think of any more uses of this? Or can you think of any other innovative ideas for improving WordPress, or blogging in general? If yes, then let me know. Lets see what ideas those great minds out there can spin out..

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