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This is a very simple script that I did for a friend. It can be used to quickly generate blogrolls.

Input: csv file with blog author names and blog links

Output: OPML file that can be imported into many blogging/blogrolling software and websites (e.g. wordpress, blogrolling.com, etc)


shantz-csv-to-opml.pl <input file in csv format> <output opml filename>
Input File Format:
Each line should be like this:
<Name of Author>,<bloglink>,<bloglink>...
Shantanu Goel, http://tech.shantanugoel.com, http://blog.shantanugoel.com

There can be any number of blogs for any author, if blogs are more than one, then multiple entries for that author will be made in opml file each indexed with increasing number like Shantanu Goel 1, Shantanu Goel 2, etc

Version History: 0.1 - Initial Version