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My First WordPress Plugin: Please Welcome shantz-wp-qotd

· by Shantanu Goel · Read in about 2 min · (331 Words)
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Motivated by Ronald’s ultimate wordpress plugin tutorial at devlounge, I decided that the best way to learn something is to use it in a live project. Armed with my laptop and multiple flasks of coffee, the marathon began on Friday night. My only experience with web-related development so far had been around 8–10 years ago as a kid when, just like everybody else at that time, I was fascinated by HTML and did a “read-through” of HTML 4.0. But I have always been a believer of the theory that a C programmer can program in any language quickly without having to go through the whole manuals. Thus that night bore fruit for me, and by 5:30 in the morning I had a working “Quote of The Day” plugin at my hand with all the features I wanted it to have in its first avatar. Did a bit of polishing last night, fixed a few bugs, and created a readme, and here it is, Mr. shantz-wp-qotd “1.0”, in all its glory, ready for general consumption.

Features at a glance:

  • Add quotes to all your posts automatically.

  • Widget support - Can also have a widget in the sidebar for quotes.

  • Customize and style your quotes with your own text and tags.

  • Multiple sources for quotes (paste in admin page, get from file implemented, fetch from web/rss soon to come)

  • Multiple patterns for quotes - Random Quote, Quote of the day (all posts display quote of the day), Quote of that day (all posts display quote for their own days)

  • Pattern for widget can be different

  • Customization for widget can be different

  • Add quotes to top or bottom of posts

  • Enable/Disable the quotes without deactivating the plugin

Coming Soon:

  • Fetch from web/RSS support

  • Custom template tag to add quote anywhere you want

  • Custom quote boundary decalarator tags/Multiline quote support (Right now, each quote has to be on a new line)

  • Quotes Categories

  • Pics support for quotes

  • Anything else you want

  • File selection

And more…