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i3theme awesomeness: Cool feature for end-users/viewers

· by Shantanu Goel · Read in about 1 min · (168 Words)
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I am just in love with this theme. I knew about the cool feature that you can click on those little green dots on the right top corner of any widget and the widget will minimize to just a bar but just now discovered another awesome feature for the viewers of the wordpress based blogs using this theme. The feature is that you, the viewer, can reorganize the widgets on the left and right sidebars according to your preference, like move the “Pages” widget towards the top for convenient navigation through all the static pages in the site. All this through simple steps like -“Click, drag, drop” and you are set. The other widgets will automatically move up and down to make space. And the clincher is that it will remember your preferences (actually the browser will remember, I think). So, whenever you come back to the site, you will see it the way you like it. Here is an example:


Default widget layout


Widget layout after reorganization