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BlogJet - Blog Faster, Blog Better (Now In Linux too, with a hidden bonus)

· by Shantanu Goel · Read in about 2 min · (239 Words)
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A quick googling for best desktop blogging client would yield just a few (read millions/gazillions) results. Having researched the subject a lot, my choices were finally limited down to BlogJet and BlogDesk, as per my feature set requirement goes (Primarily, off line editing, draft, WYSIWYG editing, categories, tagging support, pinging, trackbacks support, timestamping, past post editing, automatic image uploading) BUT there is one little problem. Both of these don’t work on Linux.

In fact, the current crop of Linux based blog clients is at best childish, compared to these. A piece of software called Bleezer did offer a good set of features and supported linux as well, but turned out it was so crash-y, hogged up enormous amounts of ram, and had other issues that come usually packed with all java apps. But I wasn’t gonna boot into WinDUHs, just for one sole software, was I?? Sure, I wasn’t . I tried the usual routine of trying to run them through wine but it wasn’t supported. I resorted to my faithful ol’ google, and chanced across this little nugget, with step by step instructions to achieve my goal. And it had a bonus. It told me about IEs4Linux (IE’s For Linux). yes, you read correctly. You can run Internet Explorer on your Linux box as well. All this in under 10 minutes (Ubuntu wins again). And yeah, don’t forget to say thanks to me (and Alex as well).