HTC - The best windows mobile "business unit"

htc kaiser

For the very post of this blog, I chose a subject that’s close to my heart. Yes, its Windows Mobile. My trusted 900/1800 MHZ companion for the past couple of years is an HTC Wizard. If you have ever looked into the WinMob world, its pretty much common knowledge that HTC owns the 95% of market share of this niche little space. They are a huge organization and with huge profits and they do make jolly good phones. BUT it is not the quality of phones that helped them reach this height. Its their business plan. “Always keep the customers craving more” seems to be the motto of this taiwanese giant.

Each phone seems to give one extra “feature” (read UI enhancement) over the latter. With Kaiser, it seemed too good to be true, getting a one in all phone. And it indeed was. As I pointed out here , it finally turned into a reality against all hopes of fellow WinMo owners, and HTC declared that nothing is coming for the current crop. So, am writing this post just to put in my two bits to the cause of these drivers, if you can do anything about it, take a look here (and yeah, a 5000$ bounty awaits you as well)

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